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Why Choose Us?

Servers are the backbone of your business. To minimize downtime of your application & services, constant monitoring of your server infrastructure & your data center is vital.

LinkedEye enable organizations to identify & resolve IT infrastructure problems before they can adversely affect critical business processes. They give insight into the status of physical, virtual, and cloud systems and help ensure availability and performance.

Comprehensive on-premise monitoring delivered via LinkedEye platform ACCURATELY AND SECURELY

How LinkedEye Works?

Unmatched Services Unmatched Excellence

Physical / Virtual Servers

Linux, Unix, Windows and Oses can be monitored on your premises.

Network components

Important network components like Routers, Managed Switches, Load Balancers are supported

Open Source Services

Any organization services can be monitored and metrics can be stored.

Log Analytics

All the components , logs are stored for predictive analysis and proactive issue detection.

Your Custom Services

Any organization specific services can be monitored and metrics can be stored,

How LinkedEye Works?

Integration with Onboarding

LinkedEye provides Onboarding solution for the customer to help manage their IT infrastructure

Application Specific Metrics

LinkedEye can help you monitor a broad range of application performance metrics.

Issue Detection

LinkedEye is capable of identifying issues proactively.

Prompt Alerts

LinkedEye sends alerts after multiple confirmation of issue detection.

Capacity Planning

LinkedEye offers log analytics which can predict the load based on past historic data

Auto Resolution

LinkedEye offers automatic resolution of issues detected.

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